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This is the famous picture of the new pavilion being opened on the old ground in 1921. Francis William (Frank) Pye is on the picture in the front row, kneeling holding his bat. He played with Treeton Reading Room FC in the Hatchard League, and in turn won many gold medals, which he gave to his sisters.


Charles E. Frost was treasurer of the Cricket Club from its inception in 1921, and until illness made it impossible, he was always a regular attender at the club.


Treeton in its early years played in the Hallamshire League, but left when the new Sheffield League was formed in about 1938 . Treeton then played in the Doncaster League during 1939-45 War years. They eventually joined the Sheffield League, and were League Champions in 1969. They stayed there until joining the Yorkshire Council in about 1970.

I knew the old ground, but only as a boy, and woe betide any little boy who sat in the wrong seat. The old ground was famous for its chimney and colliery railway nearby. Many a ball went down the chimney and on a wagon!


Before nationalisation of the pits, the Colliery Manager used to be Captain, so if you were good at cricket then you played, and had a job!


Players past and present for Treeton include Tom Whitworth, Frank Pye, Jesse Pye, Harry Licence, George Rodgers, Jack Burrows, Maurice Egdley, Sam Cloke, Ralph Cloke, Arthur Dukinfield, John Foster, Ian Rebbeck, Graham Radley, Keith and Adrian Lynes, The Cox brothers - Brian, Damian, Michael , and cousin Peter. Ron and Arthur Haynes, Derek Hitchen, Ian Trow, Alan Billingsley, Harold & Arthur Wright, and many more who played at the Club.


Club Officials include Chairman - Bill Littlewood, who totally controlled the Club. A memorial flowering cherry tree is planted in the ground. Bill died about 1966 or thereabouts. John Willie Cummins died aged about 90+. His grandson Bob Cummins – and now his great grandsons – Paul and Mark play cricket. Mr Cummins was the milkman for Treeton.


Derek Hitchen was for a number of years 2nd team captain and treasurer. He was a great believer in encouraging youngsters to become involved in the sport and was, at the time of his death, Chairman of the Sheffield and District Junior Cricket League. A six-a-side tournament is held annually at Treeton in his memory for under-15s from the Sheffield district.


Harry Lyne (d.2008) was Secretary for years, he was there when I joined in 1964. Cliff Rossington was Treasurer about this time, for many years. I was also Treasurer after Derek Hitchen died in 1970, but left in 1979 to join Oughtibridge C. C., returning about 1988.


The South Yorkshire Cricket League (old South Riding Cricket League) has league records for Treeton since joining around 1970.


Hope its is an insight to Treeton Cricket Club. William J. Pye